Safety Tag Lines for a safe lifting job

We try to use our human body to stop 20 tonne loads because the crane makes it look so easy.

How often do you see lifting operations and people trying to control loads with their bare hands (or even if they have safety glove on). Do they understand that their hands or themselves will be crushed if there is an accident or incident? There is no way that a person can stop a 20tonne load or even a 500kg load.

The use of safety tag lines can help keep you out of harm’s way. The safety tag line will put distance between yourself and the load in the event the load shifts or moves unexpectedly. Safety Tag lines can help try to keep a load under control but remember, your weight is no match against a load that has started to swing or spin and develop momentum.

When tending tag lines; never loop the line around your hand, arm, or body. This could cause you to be dragged along with the load. Wear safety gloves. Lastly, be sure if you are guiding a load with a safety tag line that your travel path is clear and safe before the load is suspended. You dont want to have an accident or incident involving a fall.